How to Apply the Rules of Sports to Life (and Win!)

Young male athlete makes push ups on a racetrackSports: you know we love them! Why are we so obsessed with sports?! Besides the fun and excitement, we can’t help but to identify with the similarities between the routines and habits of athletes and the routines and characteristics of out team here at Ultra Marketing Consultants.

We’ve found that many of us have a background in sports, and those who don’t have adopted a similar mindset in order to find discipline and success throughout our schooling and career experience.

Here’s our advice on how to apply the rules of sports to life and win!

  1. Always show up. If you want to be a success, show up every time, for everything, no matter what. Obviously, there will be extenuating circumstances when you absolutely cannot show up, but 99.9% of the time, you’ve got to show up and be there on time. Otherwise, you’re going to miss 99.9% of life’s opportunities.


  1. Suit up. Just as you need a uniform for game time, you need to dress appropriately for life events. Going to an interview? Dress to impress. Going to a dinner event? Keep it classy. Going to a theme-party? It’s okay to have fun with it! You always want to put your best face forward and make a great impression.


  1. Learn to motivate yourself. If you want to be the best, you’ve got to get yourself up everyday and make that happen. No one is going to come and make it happen for you. If you want to be great, you need to learn, practice, and incorporate your passion into your everyday life.


  1. Be dedicated to your sport. It’s not enough for athletes to just go to practice then go home and live whatever kind of lifestyle they want. Why should it be different for any other occupation? If you really want to be successful, you can’t just clock-in and clock-out. You’ve got to put in the time after hours to level up on your occupational skills.


  1. Be a trustworthy teammate. Sports simply do not work logistically without trust. Neither does life! You cannot have healthy relationships of any kind without trust. This includes successful business relationships. If you are unable to form trusting, honest relationships with others, you will have a very difficult time finding a successful career path.


  1. Listen to your coach. If athletes aren’t coachable, they aren’t going to make it very far in the sports arena. Likewise, if you are not willing to take advice from others, or at least listen to what others have to say, your growth will be significantly stunted and you will likely have a difficult time working with others.


  1. Always aim to better yourself. If you’ve ever known an athlete, you know that they never stop working on their performance! They are always working on bettering themselves. While perfectionism can certainly be a detriment, it is always a good thing to want to improve and grow as a person.


  1. Never lose your competitive edge. It’s a great thing to be competitive, as long as it’s healthy in nature. Competition can be motivational and fun! It’s even better when you’re in competition with yourself!


  1. Be a good loser and a good winner. You win some, you lose some. It’s all about how you do it.


  1. Never stop learning. You’re never too good or too old to learn. Times are always changing, and with time comes more and more information. Pick out the good stuff and add it to the golden standards. That’s how magic is made!

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