The Benefits of Attending Conferences

IMG_4053-1265.jpgUltra Marketing Consultants just returned from a conference in Houston, Texas, and we are feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and excited to apply what we’ve learned to our practices at the office!

We frequently attend conferences for the purpose of training and development. Not only do we get to learn new and exciting trends in the industry, but we get to network with some of the top performers in the business, explore new places, take a break from routine and have some fun with the team!

Gone are the days when business travel was considered an obligatory job requirement. It is fun, exciting, rewarding and we look forward to it! Here’s why!

  1. We love to learn. Here at Ultra Marketing Consultants, we consider ourselves to be lifelong learners. We look forward to educational opportunities and ways to add to our expertise. We are thrilled to work in an industry that provides progressive training.


  1. We’re all about growth. Our team is dedicated to growth and development both as a company and as individuals. Attending conferences allows us to better ourselves consistently.


  1. We get to network. When we travel to national conferences, we are meeting up with some of the greatest talents in our industry. It is the perfect time to connect with others and create new contacts and friends.


  1. It creates opportunity. Traveling to new places, meeting new people and learning new things all create more opportunity for us in our career. Clocking in at a 9-5 behind the same 4 walls every single day doesn’t open many doors.


  1. We get to see new places. We travel to so many different places! We’re so grateful that we have the chance to explore all of the different cultures and exciting sites across the country!


  1. It’s a reward. Being asked to attend a conference shows us that we are an appreciated employee. It lets us know that we are on the right track and that we are respected and valued enough to be invested in.


  1. It’s great team-building. Spending time with the team outside of the office traveling, learning, exploring and having fun is a great way to strengthen team bonds!


  1. It’s fun! Business conferences are fun! Throw out that idea that you have of some stuffy, boring, drawn out meeting. We attend conferences that get us seriously pumped up about our jobs and our future, and we always make plenty of time for fun!

Check out some hacks we use when traveling for business on our Pinterest page. 


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